I have been in a funk this week. I think the funk correlates with the impending arrival of the monthly bill, so I don’t think it’s going to last long. But the universe isn’t giving me much to grab onto this week. It’s been cloudy and rainy for a few days. There have been news events that I have been obsessing about, like the condo that just collapsed near Miami. I watch the news and cry. I just feel like I am trying to swim through mud. I have been eating crappy. Just stuff like that. It’s going to pass, maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

There has been some good stuff, I promise. But it’s just a thing we all go through from time to time. You know, you worry about people and things. You stress bills and rent or mortgages, and then it rains steady for 3 days so you can’t even have any fun. I had to walk Zelda in the rain 3 times yesterday. You would be bummed too. Picking up poop while your dog kicks grass at you celebrating an awesome dump while rain drips off your head is not exactly the crowning jewel of my day. Plus wet dog is not a great aroma. She’s really really cute, or I wouldn’t put up with her crap.

I got the opportunity to go to the comedy club the other night, with my boss and a couple of co-workers. That was fun, and I did have a great time. But I stayed up late, past bar time. Then I made the brilliant decision to go to the gym at 7am the next morning. Not good. I was like a toad. Prayed for death the entire time. Death did not come for me, and I survived, but instead of getting me jacked up for the day, I was down. Napped more than I was awake for most of the day, except for those fantastic walks with Z in the rain. Now, I don’t really feel bad about napping on a rainy day, but it just added to the funk of it all.

I am trying again today, with the workout thing. There is a special Sunday Funday workout that will have bloody marys at the end of it, as a motivational way to make it through. It’s still raining. I may not have much going for me after that. I got enough sleep I think to survive, but time is going to tell that story for me. I just hope that I can make it through the day semi awake. I need the sun to come out.

I am rambling, bad. Wow. I do that, but this seems bad, even for me. If I make it through today, which I will, I hope that the week ahead will even things out. There are some more things coming up, Fourth of July is next weekend already. I see the summer activities piling up on the calendar, and I am excited about almost all of them. This is just one of those little stretches that we all get that pass in a few days. When these little funks hit it just takes a little shift to get it back to where I want to be. A little self-induced pity party is fine, as long as I don’t sit in it too long.

I hope all is well in your universe. Things can always be far worse. Like those families in Florida waiting for answers. I have much to be thankful for and to look forward to, we all do. We just need to keep our eyes and thoughts looking forward. I think this morning being around some positive folks at the gym will help me immensely. If not, I will nap.

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