Dogs Rule

I just love dogs. I do. I have worked the algorithms to the point where I see more dog things than I do people things, and I am a happier social media person because of it. I follow several dog pages, and I want to meet every one of the dogs I see. They are just happy creatures, they like food at all times, and they just make things better.

Of course, my girl Zelda is my favorite, even when she makes me crazy. But when she is in the mood to snuggle, she is the best and I just love her. She is a very protective dog, and I have to keep an eye on her when we go on walks. She can be mean, but if she loves you, she will give you a butt wiggle and let you love her right back. I have said many times how she rescued me just as much as I did her, and we are a pair, that’s for sure.

My sister currently has 3 dogs. I was down to visit on Thanksgiving. She has Bo, Wally and Patti, and they are some interesting doggos too. Bo usually won’t give me the time of day. Wally was a hand-me-down dog, they took him in when a neighbor wasn’t able to keep him. He is a load, and he will bark his butt off at you, but his love can be bought with cheese. Patti is new to the gang, I haven’t quite figured her out yet, I will report back. I snuck Bo a few green beans and some turkey on Thursday, so now he has acknowledged my existence and we are BFFs. Until next time, likely, but that’s ok. As much as I love seeing my family, it’s the dogs that keep things moving, and I was delighted to have lots of dog love on Thanksgiving.

They have such personalities, and they are all very much alike and yet so different. Having a dog is fantastic, and a pain in the ass all at the same time. They absolutely depend on us, but I would be lost without my spaz. They are expensive to have around, but I would just waste that money on something stupid anyway, so I might as well spend it on Zelda. It’s a love that comes back to you immediately, and it’s just awesome. We only get them for a short time in life, but those years are worth it. For people that can’t commit to an animal in their lives, I understand. I went for years wanting a dog, but not having one because I knew how unfair my lifestyle was at the time for a pet. If you can’t give the time, it’s just better to not do it. But the day I decided I was ready was the best day because I met my Zelda.

If you love the doggos, and you are on the social media, a couple of good pages to follow are We Rate Dogs, I’ve Pet That Dog and Thoughts of Dog. Recently, We Rate Dogs has been using their popularity for good things, like helping out dogs that need medical things. They will share a dog’s Go Fund Me page, and people will donate and fund things in record time. They just started another page, 15 Out of 10 (Their highest rating for hero dogs) that will raise funds for dogs too. But following these pages has helped keep a lot of negative stuff out of my news feed, and I get to look at dogs all day long. Follow them if you love the doggies too.

I do understand that not everyone is a dog person, and that is ok. The cat people of the world must have pages and stuff too, I am just not well versed in what those are. Whatever your choice of pet might be, I know that the love is real, and that there is someone else that would love to hear about your turtle, fish or bird. There are many creatures on our little planet, we share space with them and we all balance things out for each other. Love those pets, and take good care of each other!

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