I had another birthday the other day. That’s 52 of them so far. It’s not a bad number, just one that I am not used to seeing just yet. I consider it still my early 50s, but each year the transitional days of adapting to the new number makes it weird. There are 52 cards in a deck of cards, so that’s how I will make it relatable for the next few days.

Being on the Facebook on your birthday makes it an overwhelming day, in a good way. I had nearly 300 people write a birthday greeting on the actual day. Then people who didn’t see the notification will jump on to a common friend’s message, so it multiplies quickly. In 52 years I have had occasion to meet many people, through my restaurant years especially. It’s pretty cool to hear from those people, and it gives me a little smile knowing I either got them drunk or have been drunk with many of them at one point or another. Either way, it makes the day very enjoyable, and it’s fun to reminisce.

Of course I think of my parents on the birthday. Their early participation makes it all possible now. I haven’t had a celebration with them in so many years, and it makes for few misty moments in a day, I miss them, and I hate they missed so many years of who I and my sibling have grown into. But to Mary Jane and Ed, thanks for getting me here, 52!! Yipee!!

I have taken it pretty easy this weekend. I don’t feel that need to be out partying through the birthday quite like I once upon a time did. A few beers with friends, way too many sweets, and some laughs and memories made it a great couple of days. More than anything, I hung out with Zelda, which was great. She could care less that I am getting older, as long as the food and treats keep coming. Even the NFL has made my birthday weekend more relaxing by giving Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Rashan Gary and me our birthday weekend off of football. The Packers with a bye on my birthday week is a little disconcerting, there is always a game, but also a stress free celebration of my day might be a nice thing. But they better not do it again next year.

I don’t mind the getting older thing. Truly, it is a gift to continue on in life. I would never lie about my age, as my siblings would likely call me out on it anyway. But it is fun to tell people my age and have them in disbelief. I think I am doing ok on the aging thing, special shout out to BFF Amy for keeping my hair in a non-grey stage for more than 30 years now. We are gonna go with that for a while. Better living through chemicals, right? I will keep moving ahead with a smile, and in reasonably good health, hopefully. The little aches and pains of age pop up now and again, people will tell you that is just a part of it. My eyesight is right on track with bifocals and stuff, and my AARP card is around here somewhere. I am happy to tack on another year, and I am happy there is so much out there for me yet. While I am getting older, I refuse to get old, think old or be old in this moment in time. My moments in time.

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