Christmas Movies

When the holidays approach, for some people it is tough to catch the spirit of all of it. I myself don’t like Christmas music forced on me too early, like prior to Thanksgiving for me. Then, I can handle it, as it is going to be everywhere anyway, but I prefer when it gets sprinkled in with regular music. But we are going to hear it in stores and restaurants anyway, so I just do what I can to tune it out, and move ahead. But it does help set the mood, and there are a few of them I do just love.

Christmas movies are what can help me get the holiday mood cranked up. We all have our favorites. The Hallmark holiday movie thing isn’t my jam, but I know people who have been watching those since September. I am more of a funny Christmas movie person, and there are plenty of those to choose from as well. Also, the movies that maybe aren’t traditional Christmas movies but are widely considered to be holiday necessities, and we all know I am talking about Die Hard.

I accept Die Hard as a Christmas movie. It is set at a Christmas party, and that is good enough for me. I get that it isn’t all warm and cuddly, they aren’t picking out a tree or making hot cocoa. But Hans Gruber is a Grinch, and that is all I have to say about it. If you are someone that thinks it isn’t a Christmas movie, I am not going to convince you otherwise, and I can’t waste my time explaining it, it just is, OK?

There are so many good movies for the holidays. I will say that I have no recollection of “A Christmas Story” coming out in 1983. When it started getting played for 24 hours on TBS on Christmas was when I first really knew of it. They play it for 24 hours, which is 12 times in a row. You can catch a little, go open some presents, eat some food, nap, and still get back to it in time to see Ralphie kick the snot out of Scut Farkus, because it’s gonna keep happening. Over the years this has really become a holiday tradition. I just watched it last night. I will likely see it again before we hit the serious stretch of Christmas.

I remember going to see “Elf” in the theater with my friend Cari. We weren’t real sure what to expect, we just both like Will Farrell. What we found was a wonderful and silly movie that is worth watching over and over again. It is just so funny. I don’t know if I know of anyone who has seen it that didn’t just love it. We were talking about it at work the other day, and we just giggled and laughed, and everyone was in a happy way just thinking about it! We decorated our office door, and made little Buddy pictures but with our faces on them as part of the design. It’s been a huge hit. So that is definitely one of my most favorite Christmas movies.

My favorite of favorites is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I don’t have to explain a lot of why, it is such a fantastic movie, and I cry every time, even though I know how it all goes. It’s a classic, and if you happen to be a person who hasn’t seen it, you can find it somewhere. I recommend it, highly. It gets a little long, but to get the big picture of the whole thing it is worth the time. I think we all have a little George Bailey in us at times, we get frustrated with the things we want but just can’t reach because real life gets in the way. We have all been sidelined by obligations and sometimes feel like we aren’t important or contributing in life. Like we don’t make a difference. The movie takes a look at what would have happened if George had never been born. He gets to see what life would have been like had he not been there. You may think you don’t impact the lives of others, but you do, and most of the time it is in a wonderful way. All the little things add up, and this movie shows it, in a very basic, feel good way. I get all teary eyed just thinking about it. EFWB.

The weather is cold, it’s dark most of the day. It’s the time of hibernation, and we all just want to be in our jammies anyway. Sit back, relax and find the holiday movie that puts you in that right frame of mind. Whether it’s the young business executive returning home for the holidays only to fall in love with the tree lot sales guy she went to high school with but ignored for 4 years, or it’s John McCLane and his bloody feet watching Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Tower, watch what you love with someone you love. Even if it’s just your dog, spending that time to get yourself right with the Holiday Spirit is worth every minute. The Hustle and Bustle of the holidays will be there, but Buddy the Elf wants to know your favorite color right now, and that is worth taking time to think about. Happy Holidays!

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