What’s Love Got to Do With It

Oh Valentine’s Day, you have circled back around. Here to torment the coupled and single of the universe. But it’s only a big deal because you choose to make it a big deal, really. Media puts the pressure on, so very many jewelry ads, during sporting events. When men are watching. And a lot of women. Watching the sparkles on the diamonds. I have always wondered who does that? Buys diamonds for someone on Valentine’s Day? Gross. Single Coco has spoken. It’s just too much for a Monday night.

I worked a lot of Valentine’s Days in restaurants and bars. People put a lot of pressure on this day. It’s sort of sad, because it is just a day, and more often than not it falls on a weekday, like this year is a Monday, definitely not a romantic day of the week. It isn’t sexy, like say a Thursday can afford to be. A lot of people hook up at Happy Hour on a Thursday. Monday? Nope, gotta early meeting on Tuesday, can’t possibly sweep you off your feet on Monday night. That’s why when it falls on a Monday, restaurants are busiest with the date night thing on Saturday.

There are still those that go out on that Monday night, the day of, because they are more traditional. Those people, who put that kind of emphasis on that one day, well, they suck. It’s Amateur Date Night. I have seen some of the cheapest of the cheap on Valentine’s nights. A couple of years ago, I had a guy pay his bill with a gift card, and he left me a pile of change, about $3.00, for a tip. He literally took his date out for $3.00 in assorted coins. Wow. What a catch. I wanted to chase them out and warn her off, tell her that this was not the future she deserves, because a night out is going to entail cruising the couch for change and finding that gift card his mom gave him for Christmas, he has been saving it for 6 weeks just for this special occasion! Run! Save yourself!!

You can see where a person may end up a little jaded when it comes to the Romantic Holiday that Valentine’s Day is built up to be. And I am a little teeny bit, but not too bad, all things considered. I like the idea of a day dedicated to being sweet to someone you love. It should be everyday, but not every person is good at that. Life piles up on you, and love and appreciation can take a backseat. Instead of taking your love to the backseat, wink wink.

I have spent a lot of years and Facebook posts encouraging people to not just look at it as a romantic holiday. But as a day to spread love to all kinds of people you love, your friends, parents, siblings, whomever you get a warm feeling for in your heart when they pop into your mind. It certainly doesn’t have to include a trip to Zales or to the flower shop. It’s doesn’t have to even be a cash purchase. Send a picture of you together on a social media thing, or even just a quick text. Who is your bestie? Buy them a coffee. Or a cocktail.

Some of my happy memories as a kid include my dad bringing me and my sister a carnation and a little cheap box of candy on Valentine’s Day. It likely wasn’t even every year or anything, but it happened a few times. He probably stopped late in the day and got them when they were getting marked down. But I didn’t care. The best guy I knew in my life gave me a token of affection! I think about it every year, I mention it every year, and it makes me smile every time. If I never got another Valentine in my whole life it wouldn’t matter because I got one from the first love of my life, my Pops. (I have gotten other Valentines in my life, to be clear.)

Who do you love? Lots of people, I bet. There are different types of love. So this holiday kind of gets the designation of the Romantic Love Day, but it doesn’t have to be. Not everyone has that in their life, or maybe they did, but it ended in a breakup, a loss of life, or some other unfortunate way. They shouldn’t be left out on a day like this. Celebrate the affection you have for a friend, a co-worker, a family member, kiddos in your life, or even your pet! Let them know, and if Valentine’s on a Monday is the day, that’s cool. If you want it to be Tuesday the 15th, that works too, all the candy gets marked down a little later in the day on the 14th. I appreciate a discount as much as the next guy! Just spread that love around like you are made of it, because you are!!

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