Cabin Fever

February is drawing to a close. It’s the signal that Spring may just be coming after all. We rock out a short month, and it quickly becomes the month of the Vernal Equinox, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Spring Training, Daylight Savings and all things hopeful and good. February tends to move on without a lot of resistance, and March comes in with the promise of better days. But March can be an a-hole too. But since I am way over the winter thing, I welcome March and its unpredictable ways.

It usually happens in the middle of February, I declare myself to be over winter. It was right on schedule, around Valentine’s day. I start ditching the winter coat as much as possible, I don’t wear my snow boots anymore. But this year it has been harder to ditch the coat so much. I walk Zelda every day, because she doesn’t give a crap about the temperature. It’s been cold! Maybe I am getting older and less tolerant of cold, but I have had to keep the winter coat handy. And the accessories! Mittens, scarves, and hats or headbands. I really hate all that stuff, and I drove my mother crazy for years by not wearing them. I am paying for that stubborn nonsense now because I bundle up like a psychotic Eskimo to take Z for a spin around the block.

You can also see when the other people have given up on winter. They don’t shovel their sidewalks anymore. That’s been a sign for years. There have been a few warmer days here and there, then it freezes again, so we get some pretty wicked ice on the sidewalks. I am pretty sure I am going to die on a frozen walk with the Zelda. I slip even a little and I start praying for Jesus to come get me now. Snow on top of ice is extra special. I am getting to the age where the broken hip jokes aren’t funny anymore. So I am super ready for Spring to come and stick because having to pay attention is exhausting!!

Once the Super Bowl happens, there is a lull in things. It was later this year, so I am hoping it doesn’t seem so long until March Madness and Spring Training carries us the rest of the way to real spring. But not much is going on, at least that I want to do, so it’s Cabin Fever time. I watch so much TV this time of year. It’s more noticeable to me since I have left the restaurant world. Since I don’t feel the need to be in a tavern every night of the weekend either anymore as well. I spent yesterday very happily watching movies that I have a hard time believing are more than 30 years old, but they are. I watched “Stand By Me” followed by “ET’ which led into “The Outsiders” and then “A Few Good Men.” (Some of those movies are nearly 40 years old, but I cannot handle that. Even though I know.) Don’t even ask me how much Estrogen Overflow I had yesterday, because it’s just gross.

I struggle with this time of year, because I just want to be able to go without the coat, and just do what I want. The weather doesn’t cooperate, but it should because the days are getting longer. I would love to get away on a little vacation, but that happened in January this year, and my ability to travel is limited by a lack of money, not willingness. I have a big trip in June, so I have to cool my heels that are already cold, until then. So I wait, here in the snow, for the goodness of Spring to come and kick in. And we really don’t even have that much snow, but I am just over it. We all are around the upper Mid West. It’s just that time. We are given little glimmers of hope, only to have the temperature drop 30 degrees overnight right after it snows an annoying 2 inches. Enough that it needs to be dealt with, but we don’t, because we are over it.

I do truly love living where we get all four seasons. The changes are very appreciated, it’s how we mark time, and how we live. I am just getting older and seeing the value in the Snow Bird life, but I am not old enough nor do I have enough in the retirement account to dream that much, just yet. It’s just a few short weeks until it is time for the shorts to come out, the parkas to get tucked away. We will make it, we do every year. I never want to sound like I don’t appreciate the lovely ways of the changing seasons, I just want to current one to change to the next one in an expedited manner. We all re-emerge and celebrate the Spring, and I do believe we are all ready. Melt away, winter, melt away.

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