It occurs to me it’s been more than a hot minute since I have posted anything. I can’t say it’s been for any fantastic reason. Just time, ticking away. I have been busy at work, we had a big hail storm move through the area a little more than a month ago, and in the roofing industry that means an ass kicking will ensue. Us and the auto body industry. If you have friends or family in either, and you haven’t heard from them in a bit, that’s why. We are currently buried. We will dig our way back out and be with you soon.

I have had some friends in some turmoil too, experiencing some pretty big personal losses. That’s tough, you want to be supportive, but give them space enough to do their grieving too. Deaths, divorces, surgeries, and struggles. It is a part of life, we all go through them and it’s good to have people there for you when you need them. I take all those things to heart, when someone I love goes through a thing, I feel it pretty deep and that can put me in a mini depressive state. Not enough to take me out of the game, but I turn in a little to process it. I think a lot of people do that, it’s part of being human. Nobody likes to see people they love hurting, but they don’t always know how to help. I do think everyone is healing, in their own ways, but I still worry about them.

Lots of good stuff going on too, which is fun. I have been busy being a groupie for my niece, Natalie, as she is wrapping up her senior year in high school. I went to awards night for her, and her band life has had a state ensemble performance, and her last band concerts too. I made it to one soccer game, last week was prom, and this week her jazz group has a thing tomorrow night and graduation on Wednesday. She has been a busy young woman, and I have had fun following her and trying not to get my overflowing estrogen all over the place. I get a little emotional watching her go through all this growing up. It’s been fun to be around it all her life, happy to have had the opportunities.

In a little less than two weeks my friend Amy and I, along with her sister, are going on an Alaskan cruise. The three of us in international waters consuming food and booze the whole way. Can’t see where that could be anything but fun! Look out Alaska, we are on our way!! We have had this planned for awhile, and the waiting for it to get here has been slow going. But we are almost there, and I am really starting to get excited for it, it feels like a real grown-up vacation. I have been on a cruise before, so I am somewhat familiar with the dynamic, but it will be different as this is not a tropical destination. I will let you know how that all goes, in a few weeks.

We haven’t had the greatest spring around here. It wasn’t awful, it just was real reluctant to get warmer as we went along. Even this morning it is chilly sitting here with the window open. But the flowers are blooming now, and the grass has greened up nicely, and we are on our way to summer. I am looking forward to it, this year feels like we are post-pandemic enough to have some things to look forward to and enjoy them. I am going to get to a few baseball games, concerts and shows, and just remember to stop once in a while to appreciate exactly how lovely Wisconsin is when we get to this place in the trip around the sun. In the dead of winter when we ask ourselves “why do we live here?!” this is the time of year that answers it.

It feels good to sit down and pound this out, as it has been a while. I get too many words stuck inside and I can’t be responsible for what flies out of my cake hole when I talk to actual people. It’s not that the world needs to know what I have been up to for six weeks or so, but it is good to check in for a bit. We all have things to share, this is just my stuff for now. I hope everyone is good, all is well, and you are heading into each week with some hope and happiness. We are in it together, our souls are bound together in this life, so we should wish for the best for everyone we know, and hold each other up when the best is not readily available.

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