Push Hard, It’ll Go Easy

Words of advice, from my Pops. He was full of useful little nuggets like that, and as you go through life, you find that lots of dads have their go to phrases. They are cheesy in nature, but wholesome in functionality. He was right, push hard, things will be easier. Not everything has been easy, but having you as my dad helped, Ed. Thanks for that.

It’s Father’s Day. The Day of the Daddio. Lots of grills will be fired up, lots of fun little gifts handed out, and lots of gratitude for the guy that made it happen. I know lots of dads in my life. I would say the majority of men I know who are fathers just love the job. The Facebook feed has been full of best wishes for the dads who are here, some who have left the earth, and it just makes my heart warm. My dad was the most special man I ever knew, I miss him every single day. He wasn’t perfect, but he was my dad, and that made him a legend in my mind and my heart.

Father’s Day is a little different than Mother’s Day. It should be, but I have always been interested in how they are different. On mom’s day, the restaurants are packed, nobody would dare to make mom cook on her special day. But dads everywhere will be firing up a grill today to cook their family some hot dogs and kabobs. Flower sales soar for Mother’s Day, I think it’s still golf balls and neck ties for dad. Either way, it’s all celebrating those adults who gave you life, and should the celebration get you fed and give you some memories, all the better!

My own dad has been gone for 32 years, it’s been many years since I celebrated a Father’s Day in the traditional way. He usually would go golfing, and we would cook out or something later on. He didn’t make a big deal out of the day, but you could always tell he loved being a dad. He had all of his corny dad sayings and jokes, he loved giving us the business, and we loved giving it all right back to him. I think of him every single day, in one way or another. Always my hero, that guy.

If you are a dad, enjoy your day. Take it easy and enjoy the celebration. Those of you lucky enough to still have your dad with you, get a picture of you together if you are able, it will mean the world to you someday. I know a few people who lost their dad this year. I am aware of how much this type of day can stink, but make the best of it by celebrating your dad, he was a big presence in your life, enjoy his legacy in some way.

Whether you are a dad, step dad, or a male role model for a kid who doesn’t have a dad around, it is your special day. You don’t have to be a biological father to have a great role in a young person’s life. Continue to be a bright light, so many kids need someone to look up to, and if you are filling that spot in life, you are big hero too. Thanks.

Happy Father’s Day to my brothers, Mark, Pat and Paul, and my stepbrother Mark Arthur. You guys are great dads, your hearts are huge, and you are doing a great job. Truly.

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