The word has become like a cuss word to some people. It’s the downfall of our American rights if you ask certain people. The president won’t wear one, the VP didn’t wear one at the Mayo clinic. Well, as of yesterday, they are now required in the West Wing. It hit home there when people […]

Looking For The Good

I scroll Facebook far more than I should, and far more than is good for me. It’s a mindless habit most of the time. But a lot of people I care about are there, and especially now they are posting about their activities, their worries, their success, and much more. It’s a way I can […]


Twenty or so years ago, I met the one person who probably changed my life more than any other person. I have written about Marco, Papi, before. But he was a big personality, so he deserves another installment. Today would be his 48th birthday, if he hadn’t left us so abruptly a year and a […]


Since all of the Safe at Home orders and job changing and things, I have watched more TV, and movies, than I normally do. Don’t get me wrong, I watch plenty of TV, but usually re-runs of “The Big Bang Theory” or “Friends.” But my cable has graciously been rotating premium movie channels while this […]

Where to Next

The conversation seems to be shifting from staying home, staying safe, to when and how we open this thing back up. While I do think it’s a conversation that needs to happen, hopefully soon, I wonder about the people pushing the topic. Are we there yet? I don’t really know. Because I have been working, […]