I usually write my little birthday tribute to this special woman on Facebook, but now I have this platform, that I paid to be a part of, so here is where it happens!! My stepmom, Dar, was born on this day. September 26th. I feel bad I forget what year, but she was a few […]


I figure I should write something a little nicer today, instead of spewing my hatred of weird, cheap people I encounter. It is the first day of Fall. I love fall, all the beautiful colors the trees and fall flowers give us, apple cider, sunny days with crisp cool nights. I am digging out the […]

Self Care

The term “Self Care” gets thrown around a lot. And I believe in it, I truly do. It may mean different things to different people, like taking an unscheduled day off, pampering yourself with a massage, meeting for lunch with an old friend. All things that will take off some of the stress of your […]